Chiropractic For Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

What should I do about my shoulder pain?

If lifting your arms overhead or to the side causes pain this is often due to a misalignment of the arm and the shoulder girdle. When you raise your arms you are pinching the inside of the shoulder joint due to this misalignment.

But I haven't done anything to bother it?

If you just randomly woke up with this pain it's probably something that has been happening slowly over time (like poor posture and repetitive movements). After a while the problem gradually becomes more significant and painful.

What can I do at home to alleviate the pain?

Ice the shoulder for 20 minutes and try to avoid sleeping on the shoulder for a few weeks.

Does that fix the misalignment?

Actually no. Most joint problems don't just resolve themselves. With chiropractic adjustments and therapy, your chiropractor can improve the alignment and range of motion of the shoulder so that lifting your arms does not pinch the shoulder joint.

What about using a sling?

Slings are slowly being faded out of treatments protocols because keeping you arm by your side for that long actually makes it worse and leads to a condition called frozen shoulder.

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